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Listed below are the Unix Hosting plans.    (non-profit options)

Please Note: Prices stated are GST exclusive.

Plan Monthly
Storage PHP Enabled
SSL Directory
  Low Activity :
 WWW16 $16.00 5 MB1 1 MB2 NO NO
 WWW30 $30.00 15 MB1 2 MB2 YES YES3 5 MB
 Moderate Activity :
 WWW40 $40.00 25 MB1 5 MB2 YES YES310 MB
 WWW60 $60.00 50 MB1 YES YES YES3
  Medium Activity :
 WWW85 $85.00 100 MB1 YES YES YES3
 WWW110 $110.00 200 MB1 YES YES YES3
  High Activity :
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  » 1 For each 10MB over the storage limit, another $10 per month.
  » 2 $10 per month
  » 3 SSL access to MySql $15 per month.

All accounts include:

  » PHP4.
  » PHP Session module is supported
  » HTTP_AUTH password protection option for folders fully supported.
  » PHP email form sample code available.
  » Several server based URL redirections available (number depends on account chosen).
  » Server based URL aliases available (number depends on account chosen).
  » PHP Database admin page - setup time chargable. See Admin fees 2 below.
  » National Internet exchange transparent acceleration.
  » A free 60 minute initial consultation
on site design and site promotion.
  » FTP access.
  » Weekly backup of web sites.
  » High-performance bandwidth.
  » Daily Graphical Statistics update detailing site access/hits.

Admin Fees:

  » 1. HTML intervention where you or your representative requests changes $65 per hour (minimum charge $25).
  » 2. PHP, MySql and Cold Fusion support $80 per hour (minimum charge out $35).
  » 3. Backup restores and security intervention [for example if PHP you create is exploitable ] $120 per hour ( minimum charge $40).
  » 4. Response to bulk mail out complaints or blocking lists that in the provider's judgement results from your high risk use of access to mail out facilities will be charged at $120 per hour.